Shahid Afridi pressurizes Kaneria for circumcision

Danish Kaneria said that Shahid Afridi had pressured him to embrace Islam; otherwise, he would be thrown out of the Pakistan Cricket Team. He has put allegations on then Captain Shahid Afridi while talking to Indian media.
Conersion to Islam 
Danish Kaneria said Shoaib Akhtar was the first person to speak publicly about his problems. Akhtar had openly said how Kaneria was badly treated in the team for being a Hindu. Danesh Kaneria said that later several officials put pressure on Akhtar, after which Akhtar stopped talking about it.
Danish Parabha Shankar Kaneria, is a former Pakistani cricketer who played for the Pakistan national cricket team between 2000 and 2010. Danish Kaneria is Pakistan's second Hindu cricketer.