Depiction and reality of women in Islam

Since the establishment of Islam, women in Islam have been facing secondary status within the community, although in Shia and Sunni Muslims. Many restrictions have been imposed on Muslim women under Sharia Law. Even Dr BR Ambedkar once said that the Muslim woman is the most helpless person in the world. Dr BR Ambedkar expressed his views on Islam in his book namely ‘Pakistan or the Partition of India’, published by Maharashtra Government. The non-Muslim societies have attained modern values to some extent while reaching the 21st century, but Muslim women have not been yet released from basic religious restrictions. Still the incidences of discrimination have been observed against Muslim women within Islam. Recently, a Muslim cleric reprimanded the organizers for calling a female student on the stage to receive her award.
Women in Islam 
'Why girl was invited on stage'
It was the event of the inauguration of the madrassa building in Malappuram District, Kerala. The organizers have facilitated some Muslim students on this occasion. After facilitating some male students, the organizers called the class 10th student on the stage to receive her award. As all previously called male students came alone on the stage, the female student also stepped up alone on the stage to receive her award. As soon as a Muslim cleric watched the female student arriving lonely on the stage, he walked toward the organizer, who called her name and started shouting at him. The Muslim cleric was identified as MT Abdulla Musaliyar, a senior functionary of Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama, a body of Muslim scholars in Kerala. The incident came to light through social media. The video of the incident went viral on social media in which Islamic clerics can be clearly heard shouting and criticizing the organizer for calling the female student on the stage. She took her award in the form of a memento from Panakkad Sayed Abbas Ali Shihab Thangal, a leader of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). It has been recorded what Muslim cleric Musaliyar said to the organizer. He said, "Who invited a Class 10 girl to the stage? If you do this again... Don't call such girls here. Don't you know the rules of Samastha? Were you the one who called her? Ask her parents to come to the stage to collect the award. Don't do such things while we are sitting here."
Kerala Muslim leader rebukes Samastha members for inviting 'schoolgirl' on  stage | The News Minute 
People criticized cleric MT Abdulla Musaliyar
Members of woman's organizations and some political leaders have criticized the Musaliyar. Many people expressed their anger and disapproval on social media. India is a sovereign and democratic country. Moreover, in 1976, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi added the words 'socialist' and 'secular' in the preamble during a national emergency by the 42nd Amendment Act. But it has been seen that the Muslim clerics have nothing to do with the meaning of these words. Following are some reactions and expressions on social media criticizing Islamic cleric Musaliyar –
Depiction of Muslim women in Islam
A broad-minded depiction of Muslim women in the Muslim community is observed in graphics and quotes only. One can find several graphics showing how Islam respects, liberates, and empowers women. Some depicted how Islam gave rights to women since its formation. However, there is a huge difference. In reality, women have been discriminated against gender in Islam. She has no equal rights. Following are some such graphics -