Man forces Dalit woman to convert to Islam

In Tamil Nadu, Nallur Police arrested Imam Haneef for torturing his live-in relationship partner, a 21-year-old Dalit woman, and forcing her to convert to Islam. He had threatened to release her explicit pictures and videos on the internet if she didn’t agree to convert to his religion.
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The woman had stated that the accused, Imam Hameef, had contacted her through Instagram in 2021 and their friendship turned into a relationship. He had then brought her to Tiruppur where they lived together, but Iman began to force her and allegedly tortured her to convert to Islam.
She stated that Iman took her phone and released explicit pics of them being together on her Instagram profile and also threatened to upload videos of her taking a bath if she didn’t convert to his religion. The victim stated that Iman had called her by caste name, forced himself upon her several times and took nude pictures of her.
She also said that, unable to bare the torture, she left for her hometown. But, she had to come back to Tiruppur to collect her education documents from Imran. That is when he took her phone and used her own Instagram account to upload the pics, India Today reported.