'Tripura has been the prominent center of Dharma in the North East'

Two ancient idols were found during the excavation of Jagannath Dighi, a local religious waterbody in Tripura’s Udaipur City. Jagannath Dighi, the holy waterbody of Jagannath Temple at Udaipur, was built sometime in the 17th century, when Udaipur was known as Rangamati.
Jagannath Dighi 
Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb said the find is a testament that Tripura was a prominent centre of “Dharma” in the North East.
“#Tripura has been the prominent centre of Dharma in the North East. Finding of 2 idols of Bhagwan Vishnu in Jagannath Diggi Udaipur is a testament to that. Thousands of years old rock reliefs on Unnakoti hills also depict the rich culture of the state. ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय!” the CM tweeted.