CSI believers oppose Church conversion to the Cathedral

Conflict within a Church community has been observed in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Christians belonging to the Church of South India fought each other against the decision by Bishop A Dharmaraj Rasalm to convert the Church into the cathedral. Due to this conversion, the Church, which was administered by a committee that represents the 2,600 families, was dismissed by the Bishop. After the decision, the church has now been brought directly under the control of the CSI South Kerala Diocese led by the Bishop A Dharmaraj Rasalm.
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But, a section of the believers declined to accept the decision, and they came out in large numbers before the Church. They alleged that the Bishop and his associates from Parassala came to the Church and demolished the gate to intrude into the compound. After the incident, a massive police force was deployed to control the situation.
The conflict erupted after the CSI South Kerala Diocese, led by Bishop A Dharmaraj Rasalam, announced the Church's conversion to the Cathedral. A group of Bishop's supporters installed the cathedral board, which was strongly opposed by another section of the believers.