Police arrest Maulavi on forced conversion and rape charges

A Maulavi has been arrested under rape and forced conversion charges in the Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. The Maulavi converted the Hindu girl to Islam forcibly and raped her. The victim was trapped by a Muslim youth named Imran, who introduced himself as Raju Jatav to the victim. Imran trapped her in love, kept her for seven months inside his house, and pressured her to convert to Islam. He had called Maulavi for her conversion to Islam. Dabra Police caught the accused from Simaria village. The police have already caught Imran's mother and brother as co-accused.
Conversion to Islam 
The victim told the police that Imran Khan had met her as Raju Jatav. Both of them got married according to Hindu rituals at the Sheetla Mata temple in Gwalior. When she and Imran reached his home at Jangipura, Dabra, the girl came to know that his name was not Raju but Imran Khan.
The victim said that after marriage, Maulana Osama, who lived near a madrasa, converted her to Islam and raped her on the same night. After the marriage, her husband Imran, mother-in-law and brother-in-law started harassing her. She was locked inside a room for seven months. In the presence of the mother-in-law, two brothers-in-law also raped her. Along with this, two people who came along with her mother-in-law also did wrong things to her.
Somehow she managed to escape from the house and reached the police station. After filing the case, the police demolished Imran’s illegal house. The police started further investigation.