Behavior of Muslims over a comment on Prophet Muhammad

Although several cases under section 295 A have been registered and BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma has been suspended, Muslims have resorted to violence and rioting across the country. However, Nupur Sharma's comment on Prophet Muhammad came after a Muslim cleric provoked her by defaming the Hindu deity. Lots of protests and riots have been observed in every district of the country. Muslims have disturbed the whole country over one Nupur Sharma's comment, although she issued an apology. The violence has taken place even after Nupur Sharma withdrew her comments.

Prophet Muhammad 
'My son died for Islam'
Police have taken action to curb violence. But after experiencing the severity of the violence, the police took some aggressive actions. In Ranchi, a mother of a rioter alleged that her only son died in police firing. She demanded compensation from the Jharkhand Government initially. Later, her video went viral on social media. In that video, she said that she is proud of her son who laid his life for Islam.
The video appears to be an interview conducted by channel AajTak with her. In the video, the lady said, "My little boy is martyred for our Islam. Today, this mother is proud that he has laid his life for the Prophet. He has attained martyrdom. I don't have any sorrow."
She further said, "Islam zindabad tha, Islam zindabad hai, Islam zindabad rahega," and that no power in the world, including the Government, can stop Islam. In her comment on being proud of her son for "sacrificing his life for Prophet Muhammad", she further ended up calling the Indian State and the police as "kafirs”. She said, "The Kafir who killed my son should be punished. Make sure the Indian Government hears this".
The parents and elderly Muslims have not stopped their youths who took part in violence. Instead, they promoted them. Muslim politicians have been seen as silent on the issue. Moreover, one politician from Jharkhand Congress, namely MLA Irfan Ansari, demanded ₹50 lakh and a Government job for kins of the stone pelters killed in the Ranchi riot.
Damage to public properties
Rioters and stone pelters have damaged public property worth thousands of crore rupees paid by taxpayers. Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal have observed a significant loss of public properties during the violence. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. States also experienced violence and disturbance. City buses, State transport buses, Railways, street lights etc., have been damaged in front of police in some places. Many videos have been viral on social media claiming the same. Following are some of them-
Attack on non-Muslims and temples
The Muslim mob also targeted non-Muslims during the violence. They targeted the properties of non-Muslims. Many shops of non-Muslims have been set on fire. Stone pelting incidences on the houses and temples have also been reported. Deterioration of Hindu temples has been reported in many parts of the country. Most attacks on non-Muslims were observed in West Bengal, even in front of police. Following are some related videos that went viral on social media-
Defamation of Nupur Sharma
Nupur Sharma received life and rape threats after her selective clippings went viral on social media systematically. Some Muslims gave her a death threat on her social media profile. They morphed her photos and made several objectionable contents. In one video, it has been that minor children were urinating on her photo stick on the road. In another video, it has been seen that mob of Muslims hanged an effigy of Nupur Sharma by shouting Islamic slogans. MLA of the most controversial political party, namely AIMIM, said that Nupur Sharma should be hanged for her comments on their Prophet. Such several videos have been observed on social media. Following are some of them.
Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested most rioters involved in the violence. Their illegal houses have been demolished. Some students of Jawaharlal Nehru University came in support of Afreen Fatima, the daughter of Mohammad Javed, who was named as the main accused in the Prayagraj violence. After the primary investigation, Mohammad Javed was arrested by the UP Police for further investigation. The UP administration also demolished his illegal house. Pistols, cartridges and objectionable posters and documents were found in the house of Javen Ahmed by police during the search before the house was demolished. Gujarat Police also arrested some rioters. The Gujarat Police also arrested women rioters wearing Hijab. In Ahmedabad, the Cyber Crime Branch has registered a case against a person who shared a provocative post on his Facebook profile calling the people to come on the streets after Namaz.
‘Your CM’s chair is alms of the Muslims’
Most inactions and ignorance by the police have been observed in West Bengal. The Muslim rioters damaged several public properties in front of police. While police had been largely unable to contain the mobs, CM Mamata Banerjee had appealed to the agitated Muslims to not protest in the State but hold protests in Delhi instead. However, some Islamists were not happy with this appeal, and they reminded how TMC won the elections with the help of Muslim votes.
Following the Jumma Namaz on Friday (June 10), an Islamic cleric was seen reminding the West Bengal Chief Minister of the role played by the Muslims in electing her to the Office of the Chief Minister. “I want to tell Mamata Banerjee that you are sitting on the Chief Minister’s seat because of the alms the Muslims,” the cleric was heard as saying.
“The vote of the Muslim community turned out to be a savior for you else you remember how Suvendu Adhikari had dented your political campaign,” he further emphasized, reminding that Mamata Banerjee had lost the assembly election, and she had to win a by-election later to continue as CM.
Instead of controlling the riots, West Bengal police arrested a girl who allegedly asked rioters in the State to migrate to nearby Islamic countries. She was identified as Aishwani. Even a Muslim youth was also arrested in Mumbai for supporting Nupur Sharma.
Freedom of expression
Although India has a democracy that protects fundamental rights, it is subjected to law and order. Freedom of expression is one fundamental right under which people can protest to express their displeasure. However, rules are supposed to be followed while conducting the protest. There are several ways of protest, like people can carry out marches, can submit a memorandum to the respective administration, and can organize public speeches. But Muslims carried out violent protests across the country without following any rules. They gave objectionable speeches, mobs pelted stones on public properties, at some places they burnt tires and private properties also, forced to shut shops, led to financial losses of the respective citizens etc. As a result, the community was widely criticized. Respective Governments took action as per CCTV footage. According to the Indian Constitution, every citizen is equal before the law. Therefore such behavior of Muslims can not be tolerated. They are supposed to follow the procedure established by law. But it has been frequently observed that due to extreme fundamentalism, the community is not ready to follow the rule. The same had been observed during the protest against the Citizenship Amendment bill and wearing the Hijab in Government educational institutions.