Christian nun alleges convent people exploit her and give death threat

A nun at the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy Mission in Mysuru, Karnataka, has alleged that she was assaulted and molested in connivance with some superiors of her religious congregation for exposing "illegal and immoral" activities along with sexual harassment of many hearing impaired and mute children in the convent in Kodagu.
Karnataka Nun 
As per her complaint, the Ashokpuram Police have registered a case of sexual harassment, assault, provocation and criminal intimidation against Sister Bindu, Sister Ann Mary, Sister Deepa and drivers of the convent under Section 354(A) (sexual harassment and punishment for sexual harassment), 392 (punishment for robbery), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), 504, 506 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code.
In a video message that went viral on social media, the nun said that there was a threat to her life. In her complaint, the 45-year-old nun said she had been associated with the Mercy Convent for the last 24 years. Since 1998, she has served in different convents across India.
Sexual harassment of impaired children in the convent
In the video, she said, "I am sharing this video as I face a threat to my life. I have identified many activities happening here- Immoral activities, illegal activities, sexual harassment and two murders." "I have told people outside about this. They are ready to murder me for this. Hence, I am sending this to you. I am worried about my life. They may murder me. Or they may admit me to a mental hospital. I may even go missing. If that happens, I'm hoping for your help," the nun added.
She also said that there are about 35 hearing-impaired children in Mercy Convent's school in Gonikoppa town of Kodagu district, where the students are allegedly subjected to sexual harassment and many other atrocities.
Her sexual exploitation and life threat
On May 31, her relative Bindu, along with a driver, tied her, beat her up, snatched her mobile phone and gave her an injection, due to which she fell unconscious, she said in her complaint. The nun further alleged that when she became numb and weak due to the injection, she was dragged to the St Mary's Mental Hospital, and the driver touched her private parts.
She added that she did not have the strength to resist his sexual advances. After he left, another person came and repeated the act, she alleged in the complaint. "When I reported it to Sister Ann Mary, she threatened that they would make me mentally unstable. The next day Sister Deepa, too, said the same would be repeated if you reveal these things to others. You will never be able to see the outside world ever," the nun alleged in her complaint, Times of India reported.