Persecution: Report claims Hindus constitute only 1.18 per cent in Pakistan

After decades of persecution, the Hindu population has drastically decreased in Pakistan. A report claimed that only 1.18 per cent of Hindus are living in Pakistan. The report was published by the Centre for Peace and Justice Pakistan.
Hindu in Pakistan 
The report, based on data collected from National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), said that minorities constituted less than five per cent of the total population of Pakistan, with Hindus being the largest minority community. 
According to NADRA data, till March 2022, the total number of registered people stood at 18,68,90,601 of whom 18,25,92,000 are Muslims.
The registered Hindus figure 22,10,566, followed by Christians 18,73,348, Ahmedis 1,88,340, Sikhs 74,130, Bhais 14,537, and as many as 3,917 Parsis, said the report, based on three national population censuses held in Pakistan.
Minorities, including the Hindu population, in Pakistan, are poor and have negligible representation in the legislative system of the country. The majority of Pakistan's Hindu population is settled in Sindh province. They often complain of harassment by local Muslims for having non-Islamic faith.
According to Pakistan's Human Rights Commission report, every year, nearly one thousand Hindu and Sikh girls forcibly convert to Islam after their abduction.