Decline of professing and propagation of Christianity in America

Christians in America are getting more liberal day by day. It has been observed that the majority of religious Christians have kept a significant distance from orthodoxy thoughts like Church opposition to abortion, LGBTQ, racism etc. Moreover, considerable Christians are leaving Church over several other issues like child abuse, compulsory Church taxes, further division of denominations on various doctrinal thoughts etc.
Christianity in America 
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Christian missionaries are working across the world to convert non-Christians. Huge money has been spent on the conversion cause. This money has come from a large number of donors who are regular visitors of the Church. But when asked about the conversion of non-Christians, they opposed conversion efforts.
'The Lifeway Research' has conducted a survey titled "Evangelism Explosion Study of American Christians' Openness to Talking about Faith" in America and concluded the following -
• Fifty-two per cent of American Christians believe that encouraging someone to change their religious beliefs is offensive and disrespectful.
• Six in 10 believers don't know any methods for telling others about their faith in Christ.
• 66% of Christians are not familiar with any "methods for telling others about Jesus."
• 70% of Christians have not shared with a stranger how to become a Christian in the past six months.
• Only 52% "shared a story in the last six months about what God has done in their life with a friend or family member who was not a Christian."
• 57% say they have not "invited an unchurched friend or family member to attend a church service or some other program at church in the past six months."
• 62% say they have not "shared with a friend or family member how to become a Christian in the past six months."
• Black Christians were more likely to share their faith with unbelievers than white Christians in the past six months.
• Half of the white Christian population surveyed (50%) answered that they did not engage in any faith-based conversations with family or friends in the past six months.
• About 32% of African American respondents said they didn't hold any conversations about faith with a friend or family member who has been an unbeliever in the past six months.
• A higher percentage of white respondents (38%) said they did not pray for salvation for any loved ones.
• 24% of black respondents said that they didn't engage in any salvation-focused prayers on behalf of their friends or relatives.
These observations revealed that professing and propagation of Christianity have been declined in America. Moreover, churches are getting empty day by day in the USA. A report published by The Atlantic claimed that 6,000 and 10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year. The most recent study from Lifeway Research found that 3,700 churches closed in 2014.
The Atlantic report titled "America's Epidemic of Empty Churches" claimed that a large number of abandoned churches have become wineries or breweries, or bars. Others have been converted into hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and Airbnbs. A few have been transformed into entertainment venues, such as an indoor playground for children, a laser-tag arena, or a skate park. The same report also claimed that though more than 70 per cent of American Christians still claim to be Christian, their congregational participation is less. Most denominations are declining as a share of the overall population, and donations to congregations have been falling for decades, the report said.