Hindu's freedom of expression under threat

As India is a non-Islamic country, it is expected to follow Constitution by all sections of society. Although freedom of expression is a fundamental right provided under the Constitution of India, generalizations such as Muslims not willing to follow Constitution is sweeping. One of the eye-opening examples is a man killed for supporting Nupur Sharma for her comment on Prophet Muhammad after defamation of Hindu God and Goddesses by a C cleric during TV debate. This shocking incident has been reported in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Muslim in India 
Throat slitting of Hindu shopkeeper
The victim, a Hindu who owned a tailoring shop in the Dhanmondi area near Bhootmahal in the city, was ambushed in what is being called premeditated murder. Around 230 pm, two Muslim youth arrived at the shop on a bike. One of them held a phone to make a video, and the other one pretended to give his measurements to the tailor.