Pakistani Hindus stage protest over kidnapping of girls

The Pakistani Hindu community protested against the alleged kidnapping, forced conversion, and marriage of a 16-year-old Hindu girl called Kareena. They staged a protest in front of the home of former president Asif Ali Zardari in Nawabshah, Sindh province. The girl was allegedly taken by members of Khalil Rehman Jono’s family on July 6 in Unnar Muhalla, Qazi Ahmed Town.
Hindu persecution in Pakistan 
The protesters chanted slogans against the police and asked the former President to intervene in the matter to help them to find the girl. Earlier this year, a Hindu girl Pooja Kumari was killed by a man at her home in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Pooja Kumari was shot in Sukkur after she put up resistance to attackers.