Sikh man narrates Kabul suffering on reaching India

Rajinder and his wife were among 21 Afghan Sikhs who arrived in Delhi as the evacuation of minorities from Afghanistan to India continued. His wife, who was seven months pregnant, lost her child in September 2021 due to the lack of medical facilities.
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“The city of Kabul turned into a graveyard and all the hospitals were inaccessible during that point of time. My wife was seven-month pregnant when we lost the child. There was no doctor, no possible way to get check-ups done,” said Rajinder.
Most of the people from the minority Hindu and Sikh communities in the Afghanistan capital city had taken shelter inside a gurdwara after the Taliban took control of the country. “We did not get to see anything beyond those four walls of the gurdwara for two months. No one is safe in Afghanistan. Our lives were under constant threat,” Rajinder said.