Govt devises scheme to 'restore' Parsi population


The Minority Affairs Ministry has devised a scheme to 'restore' the Parsi population in country, which apparently has been seen to be dwindling because of little interest in marriage among the eligible bachelors.

Parsi population

In light of this fact, the ministry has come up with 'Jiyo Parsi', a scheme that encourages 'online dating' and marriage counselling among Parsi men and women.

Shernaz Cama, Director of Parzor Foundation, one of the implementing bodies for this scheme, said that it is necessary to encourage people of the Parsi community to marry and have children because the total fertility rate in this community is about 0.8 per couple and an average of 800 people die every year against the birth of 200 to 300 children, which is worse in comparison to the situation of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.