Telangana CM KCR issues 17 Cr to Muslim clerics; people call it 'vote bank politics'

The Telangana Wakf Board chairman has informed that CM KCR has cleared Rs 17 crore for the pending salary of imams and muezzins of the State for three months.
Telangana CM  
Waqf Board Chief Mohammad Masiullah Khan said, "I thank CM KCR for clearing Rs 17 crore for the salaries of muezzins and imams outstanding for the last three months. Rs.10 crores have already been released for 2 months' salary."
Under this scheme, Telangana Government is providing five thousand rupees per month as a salary to every maulvi. Thousands of Muslim clerics have benefitted so far.
However, people called it appeasement and vote bank politics. CM KCR has been criticized on social media. One user has asked, "Are imams and muezzins doing a government job, or is it a government post to be muezzin, it is purely the politics of appeasement on which taxpayers' money is being spent."