People catch six Muslim men in the guise of 'sadhus' in Hajipur

People caught six Muslim men who were collecting alms outside a temple under the guise of Hindu monks in Hajipur, Bihar. The police have taken note of the situation and determined whether the men were really only begging or part of a bigger conspiracy.
Muslim issue in India 
They were caught from Kadamghat in Hajipur, Bihar. During interrogation, it was found that all of them are residents of Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. he arrested men were dressed as sadhus (monks) and were collecting alms with a Basaha bull (Nandi, Shiva's ride).
They have been identified as Karim Ahmed (38 years, father- Sakur Ahmed), Syed Ali (40 years, father- Maiku Ahmed), Hasan (30 years, father- Asghar), Mehboob (32 years, father- Muner alias W), Haleem Ahmed (35 Years, Father- Sakur Ahmed) and Subrati (30 Years, Father- Abu Mohammad).