Maharashtra: Christian missionaries try to convert Hindus by saying, "Your Gods are beggar"

Communal tension was observed after Christian missionaries were caught converting innocent Hindus to Christianity by saying, 'Your Gods are beggar'. The incident took place in Markal village near Alandi town in Pune District, Maharashtra. A case has been registered in the police station against fourteen suspects.
Christian missionaries convert Hindus in Alandi Maharashtra 
According to the FIR, a complaint Prasad Salunkhe said that Pradeep Waghmare, Prashant Waghmare, Raunak Shinde, Ashok Pandhare, Tejas Chandne, Mukesh Vishwakarma, Laxman Naidu, MB Yoon, J Yoon, Ishal Salve and remaining other tortured him and his family to convert them to Christianity.
The complainant said, "As soon as they (the accused) saw the pictures of Hindu deities in our house, they started abusing them. They said that we should go to church and worship Jesus. I told them that we are Hindus, we only read Shiv Charitra Parayan. In the replay, he said that there is no use of reading Hindu scriptures; nothing will happen by worshipping the Hindu gods. Your gods are a beggar."
The police have registered a case against the accused under sections 153 (A), 298, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code; however, no one has been arrested so far.