Magh Mela: Police arrest three Muslims for circulating books misinterpreting Hindu texts and praising Islam

Uttar Pradesh Police arrested three Muslims, including a madrassa teacher, for selling books misinterpreting Hindu texts and praising Islam. They have been arrested from Magh Mela in Prayagraj.
Police arrest three Muslims  
On social media, the Police Commissionerate of Prayagraj wrote that police arrested three members selling suspicious Islamic books defaming the Hindu faith by hiding their identity. He also wrote that the police recovered a large quantity of such unauthenticated books from them.
Of three, two accused have been identified as Monish and Sameer. Both were converted to Islam from the Hindu religion. Monish converted to Islam two years ago, while Sameer converted to Islam 12 years ago. The third accused has been identified as Mohammed Ghazi, a madrassa teacher.
Police said that these accused used to visit Hindu religious places especially. Earlier, they sold these books in Banaras also. According to the information, Mohammad Monish is the zonal secretary of the Students Islamic Organization (SIO) of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, and Sameer is also an active member of the same organisation. Police further said that the accused got the money from United States of Emirates (UAE) to sell these books at very low cost.