Hindu boy commits suicide after cleric pressurizes him to convert to Islam for having love affair with Muslim girl

A Hindu boy committed suicide after an Islamic cleric allegedly forced him to convert to Islam for having a love affair with a Muslim girl. The victim has been identified as Deepak Kumar, belonging to Ranchi in Jharkhand.
Hindu boy commits suicide  
According to Live Hindustan, Deepak was pursuing MBA along with his sister. On January 17, Deepak wrote on WhatsApp status, "Goodbye friends... Maulana, remember Naseem." After reading his status, his aunt called his sister. When his sister reached home, she found Deepak had committed suicide by hanging himself on a fan. Residents reached the house when his sister shouted for help.
Deepak's father alleged that he was pressured to convert. In the statement given to the police, his father said that Deepak was in love with a girl of another religion. After moving to Bangalore, the girl distanced herself from Deepak. Since then, Deepak was in depression. The victim's father further said that his one friend named Naseem took advantage of this and took him to a Maulana.