Udasi Hindu saint says, "Sindhi Hindus to adhere only to Sanatani practises"

Mahamandleshwar of Shree Panchayati Bada Udasin Akhara – Prayagraj Swami Hansraj, a follower of the Udasi Sampradaya, claimed that the Sindhi Hindu community has started the process of returning the copies of the Guru Granth Sahib throughout the nation to the gurudwaras because the Nihang Sikhs insulted the murtis of gods and gurus in the Sindhi temples.
Udasi Hindu saint  
He further said that copies of the Sikh holy books would be distributed to local gurudwaras by Sindi Hindu temples in India and other countries. After consulting with the Sikh group, the Sindhi community organized a committee of five persons and decided to deliver the copies to a nearby Gurudwara, he added.