Adivasi Ho Yuva Mahasabha reconverts tribals who converted to Christianity fraudulently

Adivasi Ho Yuva Mahasabha reconverted fourteen tribal people to their original faith in Ranchi, Jharkhand. They have been reconverted to the Sarna faith.
Adivasi Ho Yuva Mahasabha reconverts tribals  
(Image source: Dainik Jagran)
Adivasi Ho Yuva Samaj Mahasabha organized a Dharma Jagran program in Kulbai village. In order to keep their language, customs, tradition and tribal cultures alive, the villagers raised the slogan of Apna Gaon, Apna Samaj and Apna Dharma under the aegis of Adivasi Ho Yuva Mahasabha.
The authorities of Mahasabha appealed to the villagers to join the Adivasi Bachao Maha Rally in Ranchi on 5th March. Adivasi Ho Yuva Mahasabha has been campaigning against religious conversion for the last 15-20 years in the State.