Sikh man claims Muslims are threatening to kill him and daughters in Pakistan

Local Muslims in Jacobabad in Sindh, Pakistan, threatened a Sikh man and his daughters while they were returning from school. The Sikh man claimed that these Muslims abused them and said that they would kill them.
Sikh persecution in Pakistan 
The video of the Sikh man has surfaced on social media in which he can be heard describing the atrocities against Sikhs and Hindus facing in Pakistan. The victim has been identified as Harish Singh. In his video, he said that he was abused when he was picking up his daughters from school, and then the accused said they would kill them.
He said that the attackers also threatened to kill his daughters. Singh added that his daughters were afraid and refused to go to school. Singh further urged locals to save him from the atrocities.
The video of the victim has been tweeted by Narain Das Bheel, founder and chief organiser of the Hindu Organisation of Sindh.