Pro-Khalistani Sikh leader issues threat to Union Home Minister Amit Shah

On the death anniversary of pro-Khalistani actor-turned-activist and founder of ‘Waris Punjab De’ Deep Sidhu, the current chief of the organization and Sikh leader Amritpal Singh issued a veiled threat to Home Minister Amit Shah.
Waris Punjab De 
Singh said, “Indira tried to suppress; what happened? Now Amit Shah can fulfill his wish and see. We are asking for our right, not someone else. For over 500 years, our forefathers have shed their blood on this land. So many people made sacrifices. We are claimants of this land. Nobody can snatch our claim. Neither Indira could remove it, nor could Modi or Amit Shah remove it. Let the armies from all over the world come. We will die, but we will not give up our claim,” he said.