Report claims tribal Christian converts face double jeopardy

A report published on March 13, 2023, by the Outlook India revealed the life of tribal people, especially women, after their conversion to Christianity. It claimed that the converted tribals have been facing double jeopardy after converting to Christianity.
Report claims tribal Christian converts face double jeopardy 
According to the report, Manju Devarapalli, Secretary of National Dalit Christian Watch, revealed how Dalit women, who have converted to Christianity, are discriminated against within churches and excluded from religious affairs.
She said, “Their participation is not included in the decision-making processes of the church, let alone lending an ear to the difficulties faced by them. In addition to that, they are further cornered because they were Dalit once upon a time.”
Devaraplli noted that within the churches, discrimination is much more than what the eyes can meet.
“Once they convert to Christianity, they lose the benefits of the Dalit reservation at the state level and even at the church level. And the deplorable conditions that follow, are pathetic,” Devaraplli added.