Christian man entices people for conversion to Christianity; tells them they will get Rs one lakh, free education and medical treatment after conversion

A case of fraudulent conversion of poor people to Christianity has surfaced in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. A Christian missionary told people that they would receive one lakh rupees, free education and medical treatment after converting to Christianity. He enticed 30 people belonging to the Bhil community to convert them to Christianity.
Christian man entices people for conversion to Christianity
(Image source: News18)
On March 24, 2023, the Hindi portal News 18 reported that a second case of fraudulent religious conversion in Indore came to light in a month. The accused, Rahul Bargunda, a converted Christian, attempted to convert 30 Bhil families to Christianity. He gathered them in a house and defamed Hindu culture and tradition. He also made objectionable comments against Hindu Gods and Goddesses. At the end of his religious speech, he allegedly pressured illiterate people to convert to Christianity.
A person named Rohit reached the spot after he started protesting against the Christian missionaries present there. Rohit alleged that the missionaries first tried to entice him and then threatened him after opposing their unlawful activities. He called the police, who then registered a case against the missionary Rahul Bargunda and his co-members.