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The book contains the chapters on introduction to Indian culture, Mahavira life, Teachings, Doctrine, Principle of Ahimsa etc.

The book has the chapters on the concept of prayer, Karma, God & universe, Meditation etc in Jainism

This book contains the sum total of the teachings and preaching’s of 24 Tirthankers and a successive chain of Jain Acharyas.

The book focuses on non-violence, vegetarianism, and universal virtues such as kindness and honesty. it consists of 28 lessons with 150 photos.

The book has the chapters on the concepts include Jain theism, the theory of Karma, the five major and twelve minor vows, and a brief synopsis of Jain history and more

The series of texts translated at the instigation of the Sacred Literature Trust will make the world's heritage of spiritual and ethical insights available to a much wider audience.

The book is based on the study of the various sects in Jainism

Gleanings from Jain history - post-Mahavir swami. A sequence of holiest acharyas and gurudevs

The History of Jainism has been presented in three parts. The first part on the archaeological and literary sources the historicity.The second part on surveys the history of the Jaina dharma, its expansion and significance.The third part, associated with the middle ages of Jainism in Muslims rule.

The book highlights the socio-demographic problems and prospects of the Jain community in terms of urbanization, inter-state migration, low fertility rate, skewed gender ratios and their impact on marriage, highest literacy and yet the low work participation rate among the Jain women, etc.




Manuscripts (Website)

The manuscript of Jainism is available on the website in various formats

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Jain Agams (Website)

Agama is a Sanskrit word which signifies the 'coming' of a body of doctrine by means of transmission through a lineage of authoritative teachers.

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Uttaradhyayana Sutra (Website)

The Uttaradhyayana Sutra is the most prominent scripture of the Jain tradition

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Countries With The Largest Jain Populations (Article)

The article is on the population of Jains in the world

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What Are Some Criticisms of Jainism? (Article)

Article based on criticism of Jainism

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The Problems with Jainism (Article)

Article based on criticism of Jainism

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Southern Baptists Target Jainism

Criticism of Jain traditions and an attempt to stop spreading of Jainism by Baptists

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Conversion of Jains to Islam

Article on how Muslims converting Jains to Islam in Kerala

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Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (Website)

Established in the year 1985, It has been in the forefront of addressing national concerns in the areas of Disaster Response, Social Development and Educational Initiatives.

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Jaina: Federation of Jain Association in North America (Website)

It is the umbrella organisation of local Jain association in the USA and Canada.

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International Digambar Jain Organisation (Website)

The dedicated organisation works for Digambar Jains

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Jain Religion Census 2011 (Website)

India is home to 45 lakhs Jainism follower. While Jains Population is just 0.4% of Indian Population

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Jain Site (Website)

It was started in 2006 by the inspiration of Muni Shree Bhagyachandra Vijayji Maharaj & was first started as a monthly magazine called “Jainism for Jivan Vikaas” where the articles were published in Hindi & English.

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Jain News Views (Website)

JainNewsViews is an online platform providing the Neutral content for all 4 sects of Jainism namely Digambar, Derawasi, Sthanawasi and Terapanth.

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Jain News (Website)

 This includes religious, academic and social news related to Jainism

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